Silicone Spectator Patents

U.S. Patent 9,422,403
Issued: August 23, 2016

Title: Water-absorbable silicone rubber particles and method for producing same

Inventor: Inokuchi; Yoshinori (Annaka, JP)


Water-absorbable silicone rubber particles which are particles of a silicone rubber, each of which has a particle diameter ranging from 0.1 to 1,000 .mu.m and is elastic, wherein the silicone rubber is an organopolysiloxane having a polyoxyalkylene group in an amount of 20 to 80 mass %, and can absorb water in an amount of 10 parts by mass or more relative to 100 parts by mass of the silicone rubber.

The silicone particles according to the present invention can impart soft touch, a soft-focusing effect and the like to a make-up cosmetic such as a foundation or an antiperspirant when added to the make-up cosmetic or the antiperspirant. In addition, since the particles have high water absorption performance, the particles can absorb sweat and therefore is expected to exhibit an effect of reducing unpleasantness such as stickiness and greasiness, oiliness of the skin and make-up deterioration.