Skin Microbiome

 The skin microbiome

“Our bodies play host to a thriving ecosystem of microbes – bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast and viruses – known as the ‘Human Microbiome’. Over 10,000 microbial species make up this population, perhaps outnumbering human cells as much as 10-to-1, yet their presence was not known until recently. In less than five years, the skin’s microbiome has gone from the dustbin of orphan research to now being recognized as the skin’s ‘Second Barrier.’ Come and explore the gut-skin axis and gain a roadmap to what some consider a newly discovered organ – and the next target in cosmetic innovation1.”

  1. Rebecca Gadberry, FMSCC, is a dynamic, highly acclaimed educator and journalist who is valued as one of the U.S. skin care industry’s preeminent ingredient authorities. She is the first Marketing Fellow of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (FMSCC), a recipient of the Henry Maso award in 2014, past chair of the SCC’s California Chapter and the former CEO of YG Laboratories, manufacturers of high performance skin care for niche and professional brands worldwide. Senior Instructor and Program Director for UCLA Extension’s acclaimed Cosmetic Sciences program since 1986, Rebecca is also a member of the University of Cincinnati’s Cosmetic Science Undergraduate Advisory Board. As the world’s first Cosmetic Bioevangelist™, Rebecca is now dedicating her career to creating awareness of disruptive biosciences in the cosmetic industry, including microbiomics, epigenetics and synthetic biology. She hosts two Facebook communities: Trends in Cosmetic Science and Skin Care Ingredient Experts – an open platform where cosmetic chemists, product developers, estheticians, beauty mavens and other industry professionals interact and share data about skin, ingredients, regulations, myths, and hot topics in the media. Contact:


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